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Round-the-Clock Burner Service

Wagner Brothers Incorporated is a full-service oil company in Boylston, MA that delivers No. 2 heating oil and provides 24-hour emergency burner service. You don’t have to go out in the middle of the night when you are having issues with your system—we will come to you!

Before You Call for Assistance

Here are some ways that we suggest you do when your oil burner does not seem to be working. These may save you from calling for service.

1. Check your thermostat.
If not properly set, increase the setting by five degrees and see if the heater starts.

2. Make sure all electrical switches are on.
They are normally located at the top of the basement stairs or outside the utility room, near the oil burner, or near the fuse box.

3. Check your fuse box or circuit breaker.
Replace blown fuses carefully. Do not increase the amperage rating of all the fuses.

4. Check your oil tank.
Be sure that you have enough oil and that the oil valve is open.

5. Check the level of boiler water on steam systems.
If low, open the valve and fill to the proper level. Close the valve tightly when the proper level is reached.

6. Press the reset button once if everything else is in order.
If the burner starts and runs only momentarily, turn the burner off and call us.

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